Since its creation, the Cie aKousthéa has wanted to put the public at the heart of its work. Alexandre Lévy has chosen to integrate it directly into his artistic expression through his interactive sound works. It is part of a deep desire to improve access to culture and more precisely access to music and musical creation for all types of public. Alexandre Lévy has designed and participated in numerous artistic mediation programs that seek to open the cultural and sensory borders of each individual. It is by offering them to audiences as diverse as young adolescents, inmates, people with multiple disabilities or seniors suffering from cognitive degeneration that the company has developed an innovative and inclusive approach and know-how of musical creation.

Numerous partnerships have enriched our mediation projects. In particular with the Ile de France National Orchestra, secondary schools, vocational schools and music therapists.

Program of cultural mediation on the linguistic and musical heritage with the TREE OF CARESS

Proposal for cultural mediation « The tree of caress, caress the words »

The project is to resonate a known place of a city (garden, park, historical building) with the history of the people of the region. This resonance is based on and associates on one hand the idea of their past and their identity ; particularly for immigrant populations ; and on the other hand, this resonance is also based on the idea of the planetary landscape and the plant in movement where we propose a path of cultural mediation bringing together the migration of plants and human migration, through a sensitive and sonorous approach to the garden. Just as much as enhancement of the intangible heritage of a population can enhance the architectural and historical heritage of a site or a building.  

arbre froler 2018.jpg

Tree of Caresses, Groslot Hotel, Orléans 2018

2020 January to 2021 April : Noirlac Abbey  at Bruère-Allichamps (18)

Once these corpuses are elaborated, they are diffused in the interactive and sound installation « Tree of Caresses » which can be settled outside as well as inside.

This artistic installation is made up of vegetal creepers and sensors, suspended above the public. The sensors trigger complementary sound universes coming from the different previously constituted records and compositions. They can also be associated with the sound universe of the original artistic work. Trigger zones will mix together original and new sounds.

The installation can stay several weeks in order to be enjoyed by other audiences.


These mediation programs are dedicated to disabled public  and/or suffering of cognitive degeneration.

We wanted to create a cultural mediation activity using the specificities of the SONOshpere. The objective of these programs is to open non-verbal communication channels and to increase the possibilities of inter-personal exchanges based on sensoriality, sensorial memory and creation. These actions of mediation propose 3 independent programs :

1. Music and sensoriality

2. Sound memory and exchanges

3. Musical invention and musical play

These programs also propose to involve professional musicians.

New programs are still being developed, always on the theme of a multi-sensory approach to music.

atelier groupe MAS 2.jpg

Our partners/music mediation programs :


2020 2020 Dec. : M.A.S. La Maison en Plus in Vaucresson (92)

2020 Sept. to 2020 Dec. : CCAS EHPAD of Tournan en Brie (77)

2020 Sept. to 2020 Dec. : M.A.S. La Clé des Champs in Champs-sur-Marne (77)

2020 Oct. to 2021 Jan. : M.A.S. Les Amis de Pierre in Orléans (45)


2019 Oct. to 2020 Jan. : Alzheimer Foster Home « La Chrysalide » in Vineuil (41)

2019 Oct. to 2020 Jan. : F.A.M. de Cormenon in Cormenon (41)

2018 / Composition Workshops – ONDIF everywhere for everybody / Aulnays-sous-Bois Restitution at the Jacques Prévert Concerthall. 

Composition workshops led by the composer Alexandre Lévy. High school students from the Voillaume school in Aulnay-sous-Bois composed « La Rose de l’Est », a work that was performed as the opening act for the Orchestre National d’Ile-de-France in December 2018 played with the interactive device « DAMIER SONORE », an original creation by aKousthéa company. ​

2016-2017 / Composition for instrument creation workshops and concerts / Paris

Concert given on 02/09/2017 at the Maison de l’Orchestre in Alfortville - France.

Commission of an original work by Alexandre Lévy entitled « BATOUCANFARE ». This piece was played by the students of the  Paris 20ème conservatory on instruments created by the Lutherie Urbaine and played by the students of Edith Piaf Technical College (Paris 20ème).