Miniature Gardens : a work adapted to early childhood

Installation "Miniature Gardens" during the Parcours musical. Beauvais, ASCA, February 2016

Nomadic installation and musical performances for young children

The declension of the work Garden of Sensations offers to realize to the unusual public an immersive and artistic sound experience. This interactive and sound installation proposes to the public of the early childhood in particular to apprehend the music through a multi-sensorial experience : listening, looking, touching. Thanks to an interactive and playful artistic approach, the public becomes an actor and plunges into the poetic universe of the work.

Musical concept  : The artist reused the real /virtual score concept of the “Garden of Sensations”.

Plastic concept : Rather than diverting objects, the installation inspires participants to create original objects with a poetical feel.

The experience presented to younger audiences mixes touch with music and vibrations and lets children, and those with little exposure to art, discover and appreciate an original art work.

By presenting the audience with multiple entries for perceiving artistic work, Miniature Gardens creates an atmosphere conducive to turning within, rediscovering sensations for some, opening to the world for others.

Miniature Gardens creates a poetical, musical and playful approach to experiencing one’s environment, offering a space for exploring  sensation. The installation is made up of 4 interactive modules: Soundboxes, Sound Slippers, Dream Pillows and Singing Umbrellas.

The 4 modules of the installation :


Sound Slippers,

Dream Pillows

and Singing Umbrellas.


Mixture of vegetable and mineral materials are placed in the Soundbox.

Original musical creation : from aquatic and distant worlds, the sound universe of the sound box is made up of two complementary elements. The sound of rubbing on the wall is captured and processed in a desire to convey watery evocations. In addition, the movement of the audience triggers short, fluid and fluent sound samples from the actual score played by the musician.

Singing umbrellas

Garden where the caress of vegetable matter provokes sound sensations. Three interactive umbrellas are suspended above the public. Vines of vegetal origin are hung under each umbrella. The movements of the public provoke sound sensations associated with the vegetal materials. 

Orignal musical creation : a light and airy sound cloud


surrounds the three umbrellas. As soon as the lianas are touched, epidermal materials can be heard : prickly, reactive sounds, chewing, mouth sounds and twigs cracking…

Sound Slippers :

Set of plant slippers to explore, evocation of the softness and welcome of a home. Each slipper is connected to a carpet. In each one, a vegetable matter is there to be touched by the feet and the toes. The action of the toes generates different soundscapes. 

Dream Pillows

The installation consists of 3 interactive cushions. The process is activated as soon as you put your head on it : the cushions generate sounds from the musical performance and light up.

The sound universe of these 3 cushions is based on rhythms of breathing and light takes the audience into a relaxing and contemplative atmosphere. The musical materials of each cushion complement and intermingle, this polyphony and its variations are the main thread of this musical creation.

Original musical creation : the eight soundscapes are composed of natural sound recordings and assembled to create a space of poetic evocations. At each pressure of the toes, elements are added to the sound universe or disappear. 



The time of musical pieces.

A musical piece is the opening of the performance. It is played by one or two musicians. This piece lasts 5 min. In a listening situation, the audience is invited to enter this sound universe. After the sound course, a second piece is played as a conclusion. It also lasts 5 minutes. 



The time of the musical journey.

The musical performance opens a sound experience led by a musician and a guide.

The musician presents each module by means of an associated musical piece. A “guide” follows him or her and invites the audience to interact with the installation. The musician goes from one module to the other and offers his musical interpretation of the sound worlds in the installation.

The time of interactivity with the public.

At the end of this guided tour, each participant is left to experiment with the textures, actions and sound universes of the installation at his own pace or in her own way, in a leisurely stroll driven by music and curiosity.
Duration: 30 minutes
Audience minimum playtime: 20 minutes
Capacity : 25 people max.

MINIATURE GARDENS / Some of the many broadcasts  :

Musical piece, percussions. Festival 1,9,3 Soleil, May 2015

Musical piece and installation. Festival Détours de Babel. Grenoble, May 2016

Parcours musical. Abbeville, Carmel d'Abbeville. April 2014

Musical piece, solo of flute. Parc floral de Paris, August 2014

Design, music and execution : Alexandre Lévy

Plastic design : Sophie Lecomte

Construction : Jean-Louis Esclapès

Computing : Alexandre Augier

Play : Arthur Lévy (flute)

Laurence Chave (percussions)

Samuel Bricault (flute)

Production : Cie aKousthéa

Diffusion : Isabelle Chaigne

In co-production with the Sequenza Agency

-    2014 Festival Classique au vert, in collaboration with the MAS La Clé des Champs, Champs sur Marne. With the support of the Ministry of Culture

With the support of :

-    DRAC Île de France, CG of Seine et Marne, Cultural Center d’Houdremont in La Courneuve, DICREAM, GRAME in Lyon and the Ferme du Buisson in Noisiel.