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Alexandre Lévy 

Instrumental, acousmatic, mixed music and sound devices 


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8/06/2019 Opéra "ZERBALLODU" at Philharmonie in Paris / Cultural actions with the orchestra of Ile de France and the school choirs  of Ile de France / Dir : L.Warynski, musique : A. Lévy

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Look up to ZERBALLODU 's booklet

@ONDIF, 2019

01/31/2020 Show at the CRR of Lille's Auditorium / Project "Convergences des cultures" with students of school and music classes in Lille.

09/29/2018 Music piece "TREPIDATIONS" In Jardin de l'hôtel Groslot at Orléans. Percussionist : L.CHAVE

Thinking that musical creation is a means for a better knowledge of oneself and for a better listening to others, Alexandre Lévy weaves a tenuous link between musical creation and transmission, invention and interaction. A strong axis of his work, he associates the public with his creations, thus mixing the act of sharing with the act of creating. It is quite naturally that Alexandre Lévy builds a musical universe open to new forms, mixed works, vocal and instrumental pieces and stage works, including several operas. It is his writing field with electroacoustic and interactive forms. By associating himself with artists from other horizons (Sophie Lecomte, Pedro Pauwels, Élisabeth Prouvost...) he creates In Situ works, including the architectural and heritage dimension to his work. He thus weaves a third link between musical creation and the public : with the places of life, the city, the garden, he proposes a poetic listening to the daily places by a projection of a musical universe from which he is inspired. 

His works enjoy a diffusion in contemporary music institutions : at the Multiphonies of GRM, at the Biennale Musiques en scène of GRAME (Lyon) (2010, 2012, 2016), at the Philharmonie of Paris, at the Festival des Détours de Babel, the Festival Extension de la Muse en Circuit, at the Cergy's International Meetings of Contemporary Music, at the Enghien's Festival of Comtemporary Music, at the Académie Ravel de Saint Jean de Luz, at the Melody's International Contest of Toulouse...