of Elisabeth Prouvost  

Élisabeth Prouvost has created a monumental work around the raft : raft of flesh, raft of love, raft of lost children... a series of moving bodies that link us to each other like an unbreakable bond between individual and collective. These images bring us back to all common experiences : being born, loving, giving birth, dreaming, dying... Chairs and movements, clear and dark, these faces could be ours, mine, what we have been and what we are not yet.

How could these images not touch us when we seem to discover that the world space is in fact very small, that our borders are disappearing and that our destiny is more than ever common ? How can we forget that the universalism of our species only stops at a drifting space in an almost totally unknown universe ? The photographs of Élisabeth Prouvost sing the common of our destiny, the traces of our passage, the agglutinated and loving bodies, the under-exposed faces that speak to us in the hollow of the ear of the person we have been.