Cie Alexandre Levy

Created in 2003, the company aKousthéa offers extensive musical creations. 

Always associated with a live performance dimension, we produce interactive devices in which the company's artists step in close proximity to the public.

Based in Marne la Vallée (77), the company is supported by the Ministry of Culture (DRAC Île de France, DGCA), the General Council of Seine et Marne, the DICRÉAM, the Malakoff-Médéric Fondation, the SACD, the SACEM, the Beaumarchais Foundation…



Cie Alexandre Levy

A. Levy, artistic director


Alexandre Lévy studied at the CNSM in Paris where he was awarded five first prizes. He works there with Édith Lejet and Michèle Reverdy. He studied composition and electroacoustic music with Michel Zbar at the CRR of Boulogne.

Thinking that musical creation is a means for a better knowledge of oneself and for a better listening to others, Alexandre Lévy weaves a tenuous link between musical creation and transmission, invention and interaction. A strong axis of this work, he associates the public in his creations, thus mixing the act of sharing with the act of making work.

It is quite naturally that Alexandre Lévy builds a musical universe open to new forms, mixed works, vocal and instrumental pieces and stage works, including several operas. He extends his writing field to electro-acoustic and interactive forms. Driven by an innovative energy, he never stops experimenting with artistic fiels in adequacy with his time. Inspired by multidisciplinary forms and expressions, he has associated himself with different artists (Sophie Lecomte, Pedro Pauwels, Élisabeth Prouvost etc). By integrating these new sound, interactive and multidisciplinary forms, he has also been interested in the relationship between Art and Heritage or how to transcribe a historical or environmental heritage through a plastic and musical work.

Man and his heritage, man and his history, man and his environment… Alexandre Lévy weaves an additional link between musical creation and the audience : he invests the places of his natural environment to propose a poetic listening by a projection of a musical universe from which he is inspired. 

His works have been performed in contemporary music institutions : at the GRM Multiphonies, the GRAME Biennale Musique en scène (Lyon) (2010, 2012, 2016, 2020), the Détours de Babel festivals (2016, 2020), Extension de la Muse en Circuit, Rencontres Internationales de musique contemporaine de Cergy, the Festival de Musique Contemporaine d’Enghien, the Académie Ravel de Saint Jean de Luz, the Concours International de Mélodie de Toulouse… But also his artistic proposals at the crossroads lead him to be invited in interdisciplinary places, where audiences from different backgrounds mix : the Domaine Régional de Chaumont sur Loire, the Gadagne Museum in Lyon, 9-9bis Le Métaphone in Oignies, the Fondation La Borie in Limousin, The Parc Floral in Paris, the CDA in Enghien, the Cube – Issy les Moulineaux…

His works are created internationally in immersive concepts : by composing new scores from the recordings of the environment that he makes himself in the places where his works are implanted, he reinvents the notion of In Situ work, by giving it a dimension of deep appropriation of sound in a new musical poetics. He is invited to the Fine Art Museum Taïpei, Tendrum – Taïnan in 2015 and 2018, VideoTage Hong Kong in 2016 and the Shangai National Museum in 2020.

Associated with Hélène Richard and Jean-Michel Quesne, they produce shows of monumental images in historical sites. The musical creations he composes, as well as the whole realization of the sound part, find a privileged link once again in the resonance of these places : Tower of David Museum – Jerusalem, Bana-Hill – Vietnam etc.

He is an associated artist with 9-9bis – Former mining site of the North-pas-de-Calais until December 2019. His opera « Zerballodu » on a libretto by Gérard Poli for orchestra, choir and electroacoustics, commissioned by ONDIF, has just been premiered at the Philharmonie of Paris in June 2019. His creation « Vibration Forest » will be premiered at the Festival Détours de Babel, then at the Domaine of Chaumont sur Loire as a guest artist, then all over France.