SIDE(S), Mechanics of the Present

SIDE(S), Mechanics of the Present develops the vision of the present as perpetual motion of the existing.

Presentation :

We present a score that says disappearance and appearance is not one of annihilation, it is one of eclipse, oblivion, displacement, perhaps reduction or transformation. The appearance and disappearance of the instant is above all a matter of movement or displacement : things disappear because they have passed into another dimension, because they no longer coincide in space, or because they are hidden ; they nevertheless continue to exist, in another dimension, in another reality. To write the present is first of all to write a vocabulary of movement, of the meanders of possibilities, of the conditions of appearance, of disappearance, of the wanderings of destiny, where only the gesture reveals the existence of the moment : it is to write the mechanics of the present. SIDE(S) : as a way of defining the living.

How does the present spring from the past ?

What traces does it leave ?

Are there hidden mechanics to the present ?

A collaborative work :

Elisabeth Prouvost's photographic work was the starting point of the project. It shows nascent and entangled bodies in a timeless dimension where several realities of the past emerging together as if thrown at our eye. Pedro Pauwels brought a thought of gesture. Danse is here in the quality and the way the body frees itself from space and weightlessness to show what makes it move : breath, energy, changes in balance, different qualities of weight. Birth of the movement, appearance of the gesture, disappearance of the bodies.

SIDE(S) is available in two steps  :

an interactive installation, music and dance performances. Both times correspond to the real score and the virtual score. 

The real partition : performances

A real score for performances where the MIDI organ dialogues with electroacoustics. The performers dance with the interactive space : the electroacoustic music, images and lights are driven by their movements. Each performance is given in the interactive space by two dancers and a musician, it lasts approximately 40 minutes. The dancers move through the interactive space and interact with it. Electroacoustic music, images, and light are controlled by the dancers. This score is extended in the device in another temporal dimension : that of the installation. 

The virtual partition : the installation

The audience makes Elisabeth Prouvost’s photographs appear in the dull mirror, the MIDI organ motifs are played in a growing order, the electroacoustic music acts as a matrix revealed by the energy of the bodies. After the performance, the audience is invited inside the installation, which the two dancers and the musician have now left, leaving behind both an audio and a visual trace, which the audience rediscovers in another dimension, as if it were a mark left in that space.

Interview conducted during the exit of the residence at Le Club, Issy les Moulineaux. June 2015

Conception / music : Alexandre Lévy

Photographs : Élisabeth Prouvost

Choreography : Pedro Pauwels

Danse : Pedro Pauwels et Patrick Entât

Organ : Alexandre Lévy


Artistic direction : Alexandre Lévy

Technical design : Angélique Verbeck

Stage manager: Patrick Chazal 

Computing : Max bruckert

Lights creation : Eveline Rubert

Jointly produced by: aKousthéa, Compagnie Pedro Pauwels, GRAME (CNCM), La Muse en Circuit (CNCM), Le Cube (Issy-les-Moulineaux), Le Métaphone (Oignies), La Ferme du Buisson (National Theater of Marne-la-Vallée), Le Centre des Arts (Enghien, les Orgues Didier)  

With the support of

Dates and places of diffusion :

December 11 and 12, 2015 : Presentation of the creation SIDE(S) outside at the Métaphone with the dancers of the Ballet du Nord school under the direction of Pedro Pauwels. The electro-acoustic musique, the organ and the images of E. Prouvost were diffused directly on the sound skin of the Métaphone. Festival "LES FUGUES SONORES", Oignies.


March 1 to 27, 2016 : installations and performance at the Biennale "MUSIQUES EN SCENE" of Lyon, CAUE Rhône Metropole. Performance danced of March the 2nd.


5 May 2016 : performance and installation at Main d'oeuvre, St Ouen at the festival "EXTENSIONS" by the Muse en Circuit.



Planning of production :
October 2014: Test residency at Le Cube.
Fall-Winter 2014: Creation of the score and corresponding video.
January-February 2015: Recording sessions at the La Muse en Circuit studio.
March-April 2015: Composition of the electroacoustic music for the virtual score. Residence at the Centre des Arts – Enghien.

May-June 2015 : Residence at GRAME for the development of interactivity.
June 8-12, 2015: Residency at Le Cube to create the installation inside. Exiting the residence.
Autumn 2015 : tests and situational analysis of the outdoor installation at le Métaphone.
January 2016: Creative residency at La Ferme du Buisson – Scène Nationale de Marne la Vallée.