The SONOsphere

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The transmission of a musical work by vibrations when the audience can’t hear well, or by the sensation of a draught on the skin of a person with a neuralgic deficiency, makes it possible to share an artistic and sensory experience from which the audience is usually distanced.

The SONOsphere workshops :

Since 2015, the company aKousthéa has developed the SONOsphere in partnership with specialized establishments for people with disabilities or loss of autonomy.

The SONOsphere was made available to the EHPAD Le Patio at Roissy en Brie during the second half of 2017. We collaborated with the medical-social team to provide residents with moments of well-being and sensory awakening. 


These mediation programs are dedicated to a disabled public and/or suffering cognitive degeneration (elderly people with Alzheimer and/or related diseases).

We wanted to create a cultural mediation activity using the specificities of the SONOsphere. These programs aim to open non-verbal communication channels and to enrich the possibilities of inter-personal exchanges based on sensoriality, sensory memory and invention. This mediation action proposes three main axes, developed in three specific and independent modules. 

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Atelier  de médiation SONOSphère, MAS la clé des champs, 2018

Our programs offer the possibility to bring together valid and invalid audiences by presenting, for example, collaborations with professional musicians, student musicians from conservatories or other audiences.

New programs are currently being developed and will be available in 2021. 


The workshops are conducted by professional participants : 

Alexandre LÉVY, musician, composer and creator of the device « SONOsphere»
Beya BARKOURS, music therapist and musician

Our partners/music mediation programs :

2020 September to December : M.A.S. La Maison en Plus in Vaucresson (92)
2020 September to December : CCAS EHPAD of Tournan en Brie (77)
2020 September to December : M.A.S. La Clé des Champs in Champs-sur-Marne (77)
2020 October to 2021 January : M.A.S. Les Amis de Pierre in Orléans (45)

2019 October to 2020 January : Alzheimer Foster Home « La Chrysalide » in Vineuil (41)
2019 October to 2020 January : F.A.M. de Cormenon in Cormenon (41)

SONOsphere : artwork adapted to the public in need.

A sound, tactile, interactive and autonomous work of art :

The SONOsphere is the result of a double reflection : the apprehension of art through sensations and the adaptation of these works to a public far away from artistic expression. This work is part of Alexandre Lévy’s artistic word and of his plastic and musical researches developed around the interactive forms of Garden of Sensations and Miniature Garden where the sensation imposes itself as a privileged relation to art through nature and its essential elements (wind, mineral and vegetal). Because the sensations are what link the whole sphere of the living and particularly the human sphere, the SONOsphere seeks to offer a field of sensations to a public said to be impeded (polyhandicap, loss of autonomy, etc.) thanks to a device with adapted ergonomics. 

Associated with STORMSTUDIO design firm, the 4 modules that make up the work have been developed in close collaboration with 2 specialized institutions : one focused on disabled people, second on Alzheimer suffering people. Caregivers and residents have been able to test and experiment these interactive modules which place the public at the center of the work.  SONOsphere proposes an active and multisensory approach of the public to art. 

The Soundbox

Interactive tray to be filled with vegetable and mineral matter to be kneaded with the hands. When you cross the tray with your hand, you can hear all the rubbing against the wall, the grains become evocative of aquatic and distant worlds. The vibrations are picked up and trigger sounds that complete the aquatic world. 

The Singing umbrella

An interactive umbrella is suspended above the audience. Vines of vegetal origin are suspended under the umbrella. Touch sensors provoke sound sensations associated with the vetagal materials. As soon as the lianas are touched, epidermal sound materials can be heard : prickly, reactive, chewing, mouth sounds and twigs crackling.

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The Dream pillow

An interactive cushion proposes a hieratic and complementary sound word : an airy breathing, a distant and misty call, a set of distant and restful flutes. Polyphony and its variations is the guiding thread of musical creation. The musical universes of the cushion complement and cross each other in order to propose a restful and calm universe. The cushion acts as musical and luminous breaths. 

The Wind garden

A set of semi-vegetable shoots are lifted by a light draught. A mini fan gently blows a continuous stream of air. All module surfaces are equipped with sensors, catching every approach and contact. When you put your hand on the air flow, you create both lights and wind variations. A wind-like sound is triggered at the same time, giving a sound connection between sound and real wind sensation. When you touch the module directly, a music appears.

SONOsphere : an inclusive work for patients and caregivers.


For the residents :  

>To reduce discrimination in access to culture for those who are prevented from doing so.
>To establish intersubjective communication (patient, family, caregiver) that does not respond to everyday life (meals, care…)
>Open new non-verbal communication channels.
>Sensory-motor and cognitive stimulation thanks to music and interactivity features.
>Bring well-being to residents and arouse emotions (serenity, appeasement, joy etc.) through the playful use of an artistic object

For the nursing staff :

>To have an autonomous work of art that can be used on a daily basis in a healthcare facility.
>Enable caregivers to integrate a new tool to enrich the social project of the host establishment.

For care facilities :

>Offer new cultural activities to residents and their families.
>Propose new work support to staff for the day-to-day care of residents.

SONOsphere : an inclusive and autonomous artistic tool.

The SONOsphere presents itself as a cultural mediation tool for patients and for the caregivers who are in charge of animating them.

An adapted and adjustable working tool :

The SONOsphere functions in a completely autonomous way within the establishment.  They are open and adjustable by the staff. Thanks to a user interface connected remotely via a wifi terminal, the SONOsphere allows staff to adjust interactivity, volume among others.

A creative work tool for the staff : 

The SONOsphere offers a working tool open to the ancestor staff who can determine and diffuse the sounds and morals of music in a music therapy approach. The medi-social staff deploys and makes the SONOsphere life daily with the concerned public. 

SONOsphere : a training for professionals.

We offer 3 training modules, allowing staff to train themselves to use the SONOsphere autonomously and to implement workshops integrating the SONOsphere. 


The SONOsphere training is eligible for professional training through the training organization GALAXIE CONSEIL Certified DATADOCK.

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Beya Berkous, music therapist for 10 years, musician graduated from the National Conservatory of Tunis, violinist for 2 years at the Tunisian Symphony Orchestra and former music teacher. 


Module 1 (6h) : no prerequisites
Technical and operational handling of the device and the WIFI interface


Module 2 (6h) : prerequisite module 1
Acquiring notions of music therapy, therapeutic effects of music / selection of pieces according to therapeutic objectives / setting up a multisensory workshop.


Module 3 (6h) : prerequisite modules 1 and 2
To implement a musical creation project on several group workshops with the objective of a sound path that can integrate professional musicians and use the multi-sensorial characteristics of the SONOsphere. 


  • Alexandre Lévy, musician and composer, 5 prizes at the National Superior Conservatory of Music of Paris, former music teacher and designer of the SONOsphere project. For 15 years, he has been conducting mediation around musical creation.

The SONOsphere partners : 

Operational partners : 

>La Clé des Champs – Specialized Welcome House (MAS) (77)
>Le Patio – Alzheimer Welcome Home
>Afile 77 – France ACTIVE, a French support mechanism for care and fare innovations.
>Le Lieu du Design (75), a French support mechanism for innovative design project.
>Storm Studio (75) – Industrial design firm
>Euromodel (94) – Prototypes realization

Financial partners :

>Malakoff Humanis Foundation
>General Council 77
>The MACIF Foundation
>DRAC (French Culture minister) Ile-de-France and Rhône-Alpes
>CESAP – Committee for Studies, Education and Care of Persons with Multiple Disabilities
>France ACTIVE