The Sensitive Tree

The Sensitive Tree is an interactive and musical metal sculpture in the shape of a three trunk, sensitive to touch. With each contact, each caress, it reacts by vibrating by itself. From these vibrations emanate calm and benevolent notes, directly from the sound skin of the tree. Luminous strips of light are placed newt to each piece of metal bark and light up with each touch of the hand. Associated with the vibrations, a musical universe is triggered by the approach and touch of the audience.

It presents barks pushed back into  the metal.

This artistic work is conceived as a perennial tool for the hospital La Fougeraie and aims to share with the hospitalized children a musical and sensory experience around art and sensations.

The « Sensitive Tree » is adapted to the disabled public. The base is flared in order to allow access to any person in a wheelchair. The interactive plates are accessible from above, abode the people and from the side, allowing all audiences to touch the tree.

The Sensitive Tree has 7 or 8 interactive plates. The diameter is about 1.5 meters, allowing 4 people in wheelchairs to touch the tree at the same time. 

Sensations : touching, caressing

Sensor used : capacitive sensors

Louspeakers used : vibration motors

Original musical creation : low and calm harmonic outfits, evolving over time, according to the areas touched by the audience.

An evolutionary installation :

to the triggered sounds can be added the first names of the children, the name of their parents, etc. These words can be recorded by the team of supervisors and easily integrated into the « Sensitive Tree ».

The Sensitive Tree presented here is installed in the park of the children’s hospital La Fougeraie in Saint Didier aux Monts D’or. This work is open to the public. (22 avenue de la République – St Didier aux Monts D’or)