Tree of Caresses : An interactive and sound immersion in plant

Tree of Caresses is an invitation to stroll through an interactive set made up of real and interactive vines, which serve as extensions of the surrounding natural environment.

Immersion and Hybridization

We propose an immersive experience to the public, a crossing of the vegetal, bringing it closer to the physical sensations of touch to a sound universe that reveals its epidermal and phantasmagorical aspects.

The tree-sculpture proposes a sound and tactile universe referent around it, real poetic outgrowths revealed by interactivity. The sound materials are emitted like a living sound field that is activated by its presence. The vegetal materials are also chosen for their tactile character and create a coherent plastic set making the link between material to be touched and material to be heard. Universe animated by the audience, each tree (in-situ tree and tree-sculpture) has its own zone of influence (tactile, sound, interactive) which hybridizes with its environment according to the public’s fantasy. The experience of sound and touch reveals a dialogue between different universes that respond to each other, first by zone, then by crossing at the center of the device. Thus, the materials chosen for such and such zone are mixed with the intersections, the border zones, where the other lianas intertwine. The chosen system gives the impression of a beneficial sound rain, prolonging the sensation of crossing the plant.

Tree of Caresses : an adaptation to urban or natural host environments :

This installation can be built from a completely new structure or lean against an existing tree or building such as a greenhouse for example.

2018 Season / Tree of Caresses in Orléans / Groslot Hotel garden

"Tree of Caresses" installation in Hostel Groslot's garden, Orléans

Musical piece "Trépidations" performed by Laurence Chave (entire performance)

Alexandre Lévy has proposed a Tree of Caresses for the start of the 2018 school year in Orléans in the garden of the Hotel Groslot as part of the cultural program « le règne végétal » from September 29 to October 17, 2018.

This interactive and sound installation proposes to go through an artistic and sensory experience. This immersive device plunges the spectator into a sound universe made up of sounds composed from the natural environment surrounding the installation. Like a musical jungle, the installation gives the public, active in the device, the role of actor/spectator of a constantly moving sound environment.

The installation is accompanied by two days of musical performances performed/ by Laurence Chave at the marimba on Saturday, September 29th and by her students from the percussion class of the Orléans Conservatory on the occasion of the installation’s closing during a sound walk.

2018 Season / Tree of Caresses in Lille / Mosaic Garden

Installation "Tree of Caresses"  Mosaic Garden, Houplin-Ancoisne (59)

At the Mosaic Garden in Lille Métropole, the aKousthéa Company has been invited to create a Tree of Caresses for the 2018 season from May 6 to November 4. This work wanted to highlight the mosaic of peoples and cultures settled in the North by paying homage to their intagible heritage and especially music.

It proposes a contemporary and musical reading of the intangible heritage of the immigrant populations who settled in the Nord pas de Calais throughout the 20th Century. In particular, it invokes the music and languages of the regions of origin through sound reminiscences. It invites the public to immerse itself in this interactive and musical universe.

2017 Season / Tree of Caresses in Paris (3rd arrondissement)/ Anne Franck Garden

 On the occasion of the Garden Festival on September 23, 2017, a Tree of Caresses was installed under the garden’s arbor, integrating into its metal structure. The public enjoyed immersing themselves in this interactive and sound device.

2015 Season / Tree of Caresses in Taiwan / Tendrum Center in Tainan

 Alexandre Lévy was invited to participate in an artistic residency at the Tendrum Center in Tainan, Taiwan, to create a Tree of Caresses. The device is suspended from a ficus in an old industrial structure. This work has been installed since November 2015 and will remain at the center for 3 years.

2013 Season / Tree of Caresses in Chaumont-sur-Loire / International Garden Festival of Chaumont-sur-Loire

 For the International Garden Festival in 2013, the Garden of Caresses invited the public to be immersed in a device consisting of a tree sculpture extended by 1500 interactive plant lianas, and two « natural » trees linked together to the tree-sculpture by an interactive device.

Design and music : Alexandre Lévy

Plastic design : Sohpie Lecomte

Computing : Max Bruckert

Construction, direction an production : aKousthéa Company

Diffusion : Isabelle Chaigne

Jointly produced by : the Domaine Régional de Chaumont-sur-Loire, GRAME, (Town of) La Courneuve, Ferme du Buisson (National Theater of Marne-la-Vallée).

Financially supported by : the French Ministry of Culture (through the DRAC Île-de-France culture-promoting public organization), General Council of Seine-et-Marne, CNC (Cinema National Center) and CIDMA (Non-profit organization supporting music creation projects).